​It’s been a quite long time since I posted something on this blog, So Today I am back with another post on Search Engine Optimization and here I will be unveiling you 5 Easiest Tactics to get yourself ranked in Search Engine Results Page.

Who doesn’t aspires for a decent ranking in SERPs for his/her Blog, quite a lot of bloggers indulge in complex methods to rank their websites and even try blackhat SEO techniques to make things good for them however they tend to ignore some of the easiest methods to adopt which play a crucial role in enhancing the ranking of their blogs. It should not be ignored that SEO Rankings don’t remain constant rather they tend to fluctuate at certain intervals, this had always been a major issue/obstacle for the bloggers trying to rank themselves. Despite all this, still we are left with some tricks that are worth giving a try. Through This post I want to cover all those points which are known by most of the bloggers yet are overlooked. So without further killing any time Let’s Begin!


Believe it or not, Quality matters a lot for scaling up your rankings, By writing reliable contents you are not only converting your viewers into visitors but also building a strong relationship with them, the criteria is quite simple, you are writing quality contents for which internet users are scouting for, and guess what? They will continue to visit your blog again and again and once they start spending more time at your blog, your SEO Rankings will increase significantly. This concept is called DWELL TIME. 

When writing quality contents you need to focus on the quantity of your blog posts, you need to make your blog posts lenghty but that doesn’t makes sense that you’ll be flooding your articles with hell lot of useless words, and In this case nobody is going to give a crap to your contents because they are looking for quality not for words, you need to ensure that all the informations associated with the concerned topic must be included in your post so that your viewer can get the complete essence of it. If you are a newbie don’t focus much on words but still you should aim for at least 1K words as a begineer, In Google SERP Articles exceeding 2500 words get the highest ranking.


This is a bit practical step which every blogger must take if willing to improve It’s SEO Rankings, In almost every Search Engine Results Page, Websites having faster page loading times are ranked over the ones having slow page speeds. When your blog doesn’t loads fast enough the visitors are likely to leave your blog and visit other fast loading blogs which is going to hurt your dwell time and finally resulting in low rankings in SERP. You should also optimize your images so that they load without any issues, For optimizing the page speed of your blog you need to use properly optimized widgets images and even plugins, by using SEO friendly plugins you can easily reduce your page load times and increase your rankings.


Copying blog posts to another website/blog is surely not a good thing.
If someone copy just a few articles, their sites may not be impacted seriously by Google, however the copied posts will not get ranked well on search engines.
However, if their sites has a lot of copied content from around the Web, Google will judge the site as low-quality source and downgrade most (if not all) the rankings of that site, even if that site has some quality content. If you want to copy contents from other blogs then at least don’t Copy and paste rather take ideas from other posts and include your thoughts as well.

If you do need to share a great post from another blog, then write a short summary and link to the original content. That is the best practice. 


Keywords play a crucial role in improving your website’s ranking, Many bloggers think that Keywords are now dead and don’t lay much impact on SEO, but they are wrong even today by including hot keywords in your article can further enhance your rankings. Obviously you would need a KeyWords Research for that. 

What Google actually says about keywords is, their algorithm is coded to assign the keyword by themselves related to the articles. Also, they are not omitting the Keyword Meta Tags but they consider them in ranking articles.



Linking is an art of adding links(reference) to other relative contents for those similar keywords in the article or similar topic about the article. Linking may be Internal linking and External linking. Create a strong internal link structure and sometimes point to external reference such as Wikipedia. Maintain 4 – 5 combined internal and external links in your articles.

Back linking is something a link that points to your webpage from other sites which adds more reputation to your web pages.

You can have a control over linking structure either internal or external, but back linking is purely out of your control and you should be cautious in those sites that give links to your blog or website. Because it is having crucial role in making or breaking a site and it depends on the site the links are from.

Write articles and post on article sites, guest posting, article commenting, forum participation are the best ways to get reputed quality back links to a website that adds more value in ranking a website or blog.

That’s all guys for this article, I do believe that If you will be following these strategies then surely one day you’ll be ranked higher in SERP. 

Make it as a schedule and follow regularly. Impress your visitors and follow Google Guidelines and keep an eye on current trend will give you a huge success in Blogging.