​Welcome readers! Here in this session we will be discussing about blogging optimizations which you should give a try while you write your blog post. When you start blogging it’s not just about getting WordPress website and keep posting whatever you want, and unfortunately if you are doing this then you are ruining a decent business of yours. 

If you are a blogger then you must follow some of these pro tips which i am going to mention below in order to tune up your Blogging life. I Won’t be wasting anymore time of yours and thus we will directly proceed to the main part of this article.


Before proceeding any further let me clear that the tips which are mentioned below will work the best for long term blogs like tech, tutorials, downloads in other words these strategies would work for an evergreen blog, you might not find these tips worth using if you own a blog whose content is short validated, like news, coupons, offers etc.  Anyways let’s come to the point.

Always use images created by yourself rather than picking from web : when you use images from other websites you are building a backlink for that specific website, consider using your own image instead. An image created by yourself with name of your blog in it would certainly look nice.

Give Credits : Never ever forget to mention the source of copyrighted contents which you used on your blog, for the most part you shouldn’t try to include copyrighted contents in your blog, but if you do then don’t forget to attach a link for the respective wesbite from where you used contents in your blog post, or else your blog might get flagged by DMCA which will end up your blog. 

Use Proper Language : You  must have a proper knowledge of English language if you have decided to blog, while writing your blog posts pay special attention to your language and make sure you don’t make any goddamn grammatical mistake, I’d be frank here if you make such mistake then that will look very unprofessional and you might earn a bad name among your viewers. 

Write your blog lengthy : Length of your blog plays a crucial role in deciding how much blog traffic you’ll get on that specific post, definitely I am not asking you to write histories there but make sure that you mention at least 300 Words, but again length of your post doesn’t matters much, practically what matters is content of your post. You also need to keep in mind  that in lust of writing a lengthy blog post make sure you don’t start talking nonsense. Whatever you write make sure that makes sense and is always meaningful.

Use Google Keywords Planner : 

While thinking for topics to write on your blog do you just think of it randomly and write on that? Don’t do this yet use Google keywords planner which will help you to know the topic at which the users are most interested to read which will ultimately help you to drive some more traffic to your blog.
These are the points that you should take care of when you write blog posts. Thanks for reading the article. Do share if this helped you. Keep visiting.