Welcome to tekhfreak! In this session we will discuss about Which Blogging Platform Is Better For You Blogger Or WordPress. As you have made your mind to start blogging, when you surf the internet on ‘How To start Blogging’ You come across two giant blogging softwares WordPress and Blogger, choosing one of these softwares for your blog will shape your Blogging career. And through this article we’ll help you to decide that with which platform you should go for. 

Before discussing the advantages and other things first of all let’s understand how these two software works. 


WordPress is a free blog hosting platform which has a lot of customization and gives you the feature to choose your own domain name and set up your blog according to your choice. It comes preinstalled with Add-ons also called plugins which will help you to design your blog. Summing up, all this WordPress comes with all the things you need to set up your blog, all you need to do is to customize your blog according to your choice. WordPress is completely made for Blogging. Many expert bloggers use wordpress for blogging because along with all the customization available wordpress is professional as well. By using WordPress you can make your blog user friendly, SEO friendly, optimized for mobile viewing etc. But wordpress needs a hosting. 

Hosting means you need space for posting articles, images and post contents, when you blog on wordpress for free, you have a limited hosting space. that’s why some users don’t choose WordPress  because of Hosting. 


Blogger is another blogging software created by Google itself which is designed to help newbie bloggers, it gives you a free hosting space of 15 GB which users can utilize by their articles, images included in the post content and Google Drive space. If you own any custom domain you can easily link it with blogger. 

Now It’s time to discuss which one would be a better option for you, WordPress! It’s definitely better for you and now we will discuss the advantages of WordPress over Blogger.

1. You Own Your Blog : When you blog on Blogger you get a subdomain which you can rename later, but the 15 GB hosting space which you got is provided by Google and that makes sense that your Blog is a property of Google and thus google can completely expel your Blog if it detects any suspicious activities. And due to your one mistake all the articles and posts which you made on your blog will be gone forever, However if you are on WordPress then there is no such problem, WordPress can never expel your blog for any reasons no matter what you post. In this case you are the King of your blog and can do whatever you prefer to do. 

2. Adsense: Earn Money : Adsense is a program of Google which helps users to earn money on their blog by letting them to show ads on their websites. Installing adsense on any Blog requires approval by Google to begin. Unfortunately Adsense being a Google product, Google hardly approves Bloggers for Adsense program. As Blogger is free users make a simple and average blog due to which it doesn’t gets easy approval. But if you are on WordPress getting Adsense approval is way easier as compared to Blogger. Blogger users keep on struggling for years for getting approved, whereas, WordPress users might get Adsense approval pretty quickly. 

3. SEO It stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ It is the way of optimizing your Blog to get a higher ranking in search engine so that you could get a lot of traffic on your blog. In reference of SEO if you use Blogger then you don’t have any tools to optimize your site thus there are almost zero chances for your blog to get a higher ranking in SERP. But if you own WordPress then you have enormous Website optimizer tools available  which you can use to rank your site higher in SEO. 

4. High Quality Website : WordPress gives you the power to build your dream website equipped with tons of themes, layouts, fonts, plugin addons etc that make your blogging life easier. As we said, wordpress is entirely made for blogging, so it has the tools for efficient blogging.


Blogger : just get a blog without any helpful tools available and struggle for months for Adsense approval and finally when it gets approved in a year or two, then abruptly google may seize your website leading you to lose all your contents forever. 

WordPress : get a strong blog with a lot of helpful tools and customize your website according to your choice, also get a higher ranking in SERP which will drive traffic to your blog. Here you don’t need to keep struggling for Adsense approval. 

Well that makes sense that by choosing WordPress your Blogging life would be a lot easier, and that’s the only reason why WordPress is preferred widely among bloggers. 

So, we have compared wordpress vs blogger and gave you an overall idea of both. We also pointed out the advantages of wordpress. Hope you have liked it.