Hey guys, again we are back with another money making post and today it is about  $ Yes! The most freak n damn methods to earn money online, there are a lot of ways to earn money online And in this article i am going to discuss some of those methods which i believe are worth trying. before starting i just wanna tell you one thing that there is no method in this universe which can make you billionaire overnight,unless you go for a lottery, if you do not think so then this article is not for you. perhaps you may have heard of some guys who are earning hell lot of money online, it’s not like that they are just getting paid by sitting in front of laptop or the job is easy, there are a lot of freakin’ stuffs to be done in order to do so, and they do it by their Hard Work dedication and patience. If you are here hoping to be a billionaire without Hard work then Wimp Out And Go Home, you need a Rest :v

So Guys I think Now You’ve got all the important points for getting started, So Why To Wait Now? Let’s kick off Start.




Perhaps It is One Of The Best ways of earning online because all you need is some speaking skills and here you’ve the full freedom to choose your language, unlike blogging here you can try Hindi English Or whatever language you feel yourself expert in. there are a lot of peoples who are earning huge amounts of money by You tube and Yeah! You can do it too, just get started with a you tube channel, make it bigger to grow your community and start placing ads on your videos, whenever any viewer will watch the ad from your video, Ad senese will pay you some amount of bucks depending upon the cost of the ads applied to your video which in turn depends upon the viewers and subscribers of your channel, in other words the Bigger your channel, the More money you will earn.



Now what affiliate marketing basically means is that earning commision by promoting other people’s or Any Company’s products, you can apply a affiliate marketing program on Amazon, flipkart, Shopclues or any other online marketing website which will give you authority to advertise their products either on you tube or your own website or blog as ads, and whenever any viewer or visitor will buy their product from your website, you will get some amount of money from the buyer as a commision,  again it is a very awesome way to earn you a decent money.



It Is best and most stable way of earning online, go to fiverr.com and sign up for free after that you will enter a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. if you are master at anything writing articles, designing images or anything you can start showing your skills here and whenever anyone will hire you  for some bucks you will have to do their jobs in a very limited time span basically for 2-3 days  according to your charge, it is a good way to earn some money and fame as well.



One Of the most legendary ways to earn money online is by building your own website and start placing ads on it, according to your niche. or you can also use it for affiliate marketing. it is the thing through which many peoples are earning damn amounts of Money, these days blogging is also one of the best career opportunities and you can choose any topic to start writing on which you feel yourself good at. and over the time you can hire some writers for your blog as well, thus helping you to build your Brand on the internet.



this is the only such a way of earning online which can be used anywhere all you need is just a social community and some traffic on your Blog or Channel, What It does that It shortens the URL of any website to let you earn money, sh.st, adf.ly, bit.ly are the most used link shortening programs, which can shorten your link and you can use those links anywhere, On your Facebook Page, Blog, You tube channel and wherever you want, when any viewer or visitor will click on the link it will be directed to an ads page where it will see an ad and after that it will click on Skip ad, and as it clicks skip ad you’ll be paid, and after that it will be redirected to the site which you shortened, practically the more the visitors, the more the earnings.


So guys these were my top 5 best ever methods of earning online and if you feel that there are more better methods rather than these then feel free to Comment, i will try to include them in my future posts. Do Share This Article To let the other peoples know about it and stay tuned for more (y)