Hey guys, It’s me back with another article but this time it is related to the thing which i am doing right now, Yes It’s Blogging In this post i’ll be telling you how you can get started with blogging and how you can customize your blog according to your choice.

So Now you’ve chosen blogging as your professional career Right? I know a lot of questions are bursting currently in the mind of our readers that where to blog? Or how to blog? And the most prevalent question is that How to blog for free? Well, If you wanna earn money from blogging then you’ll need to spend some bucks as well, that’s the major issue when you have no ideas about your niche. I know if you choose blogging as your carrer then you must have picked a suitable niche for you, in other words you yourself know that about what topic you are having the best knowledge and you are courageous enough to share your thoughts with the public. but it’s a truth that you can’t actually master anything unless you are introduced to it or being practicle with it, then another question arises that What If I could not blog properly and still i wasted my money on that thing hoping that one day i’ll be successful? let me ask you something how can you expect that you’ll be successful when you are not having complete knowledge about a certain topic? and that is only supposed to come when you’ll practice with it for a long time span. And Here I would recommend to all the newbies that don’t think of adopting blogging as your professional career until and unless you are not completely familiar with that thing. the Same is with blogging too. if you haven’t done blogging before then simply practice with it first then proceed towards your Goal. I’ll tell you according to my personal experience, Your heads are gonna get blowed away when you’ll know that still I Am Practicing on wordpress.com, and i am not a professional yet,  As Of Now I haven’t earned even a single penny from blogging! That’s because first i want to polish my skills completely before going to the battlefield and if you all will do it too, then I am sure that in future you’ll definitely get success. Just Start practicing with it put your 100% In that you are going to kill success!


And for practicing you have a lot of ways to choose from you can choose either wordpress.com or blogger.com. that depends on your choice, personally i would recommend you to go for wordpress.com and practice there until it’s limitations are completely exceeded, in other words if you go according to my advise then you’ll need to practice on wordpress.com for like 5 or 6 odd months respective to your frequency of writing articles. And despite knowing no one would ever insist on going my advise, i still strongly recommend you again to prctice on wordpress.com, blogger.com or whatever it is, if you wanna get success in long term, this itself is the main reason behind the failure of bloggers, that they quickly migrate their site to wordpress.com self hosted servers even when they are not having sufficient knowledge about it. Remember “EARNING WITHOUT LEARNING IS NEVER POSSIBLE” So My dear readers, my only motive behind all these explanations is to first make you all aware about blogging if you want to adopt it is as your professional career. And once you have got all these points in your mind, Just Read The Full Article and you’ll know how you can get going with your Blog.


FIRST Thing Which You Need to do is to go ahead and open blogger.com, when you will open it will ask you first to log in with your google account so first sign in with your google account and then proceed further.

Screenshot (42).png

When You have logged in with your google account you will see something like this, and from here you are ready to create and customize your new blog.

Screenshot (43).png

When you are here simply, click on New blog option and it will navigate you to a page where you’ll be asked URL of your blog or the name of your blog and address, you can also map any custom domain if you own any.

Screenshot (45).png

When you are here enter your blog’s title and address as well. You can also choose any template which suits you the best, when you are done with all these configurations hit on Create Blog. It should show you a screen somehow like this.

Screenshot (46).png

When you will see this screen it means that your blog is now successfully created and marked area in the image is your Dashboard From where you can access all of your Blog settings, now you are ready posting on your Blog! If you wanna make any new post click on New Post Write according to your niche and publish.


That’s pretty much about this article i hope you guys liked this post and do comment if you have any queries or you think if I’ve made some mistakes, and make sure to share the article for more such blogging related articles.

Keep Rocking!